Fire Alarms

Fire alarms detect unwanted fire by monitoring changes in environmental elements. Fire alarm systems are classified as either automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both.

Automatic fire alarm systems instruct occupants to evacuate, alert emergency services, and to control the spread of fire and smoke. Manually actuated fire alarm systems are generally manual pull stations, Break glass stations, or buttons.

When installing the fire alarm system, the minimum levels of protection are programmed based on the standard building code. The equipment used must be specifically manufactured and selected for the individual location to comply with standardized installation methods.

Fire alarm systems have several components, including:
  • Control panel
  • Primary power supply
  • Secondary power supply
  • Triggering devices
  • Notification equipment

Installation of fire alarms requires special licensing from the State. United Safety & Alarms is currently UL approved, and has two employees holding some of the first licenses ever awarded by the State. United Safety & Alarms has installed fire alarm systems for both municipalities and commercial properties.

Additionally, at United Safety & Alarms we don’t believe in hidden fees when it comes to fire safety. Many companies break apart the bill to make it misleading to the customer on what is being paid. Unlike our competitors, we take an aggregate of all fees and include them all in one monthly bill that covers everything to avoid unknowns and allow companies to accurately prepare for their fire alarm costs.

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