Sprinkler Inspection

We protect your personnel and property by ensuring that fire sprinkler systems are always in tip-top shape. We understand that properly maintained sprinkler systems can mean the difference between a contained incident and a major disaster; we will save you thousands every year by thoroughly inspecting sprinkler systems for faults and inefficiencies.

Philosophy of Inspection:

We use trained professionals and a proven, three-step process:

  • Visual Inspection – a trained eye can isolate and determine areas of concern, allowing us to pinpoint and focus our inspection.
  • Physical Inspection – thorough and comprehensive; nothing is left unchecked.
  • Certify – our employees will not leave until they have certified the system’s full compliance with our lofty standards.

Our inspection covers your sprinkler heads, information signage, value supervisory alarm devices, hangers, hydraulic nameplates, pipe fittings, and other mechanical devices.

Frequency of Inspection:

On average, sprinkler testing should take place every few years at minimum, however, we recommend yearly inspections. However, this can vary based on your facility’s specific system and the local AHJ requirements. Some AHJ requirements even mandate quarterly inspections.

We provide yearly, quarterly, and emergency/as-needed services:

  • Guaranteed compliance with government regulations
  • Increased eligibility for insurance coverage
  • Elevated readiness of equipment
  • Heightened safety
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