Home Automation

Home automation allows homeowners to automatically and remotely control household activity by connecting electrical devices together through a network. In recent years, home automation solutions have become much more affordable while the technology driving them has become more convenient.

Home automation has led to better energy efficiency in residences that use it. Additionally, many home automation systems can also be controlled wirelessly and when you are away from home.

Types of Readers:
  • Basic (non-intelligent) readers – simply reads the card number, PIN, or in the case of bio-metric identification, the user’s unique ID, and forwards it to the control panel.
  • Semi-intelligent readers – controls door hardware like locks, contacts, and exit buttons, but does not make any access decisions.
  • Intelligent readers – controls door hardware like locks, contacts, and exit buttons, and independently makes access decisions.

Access control systems make decisions about granting or denying access by comparing the credential to an access control list. This look-up is done through a host or server, an access control panel, or a reader. The predominant arrangement is usually a hub and spoke setup with a control panel, which does the look-up and controls access as the hub and the readers as the spokes. Controllers are usually IP enabled and connect using standard networks. Below are some examples of possible access control setups United Safety & Alarms can implement for you.

Home automation systems can control:
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air condition
  • Lighting
  • Entertainment systems
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Security systems
  • Intercoms
  • Garage doors
  • Pet feeding
  • Plant watering
  • Pool pumps

Despite the common conception, a home automation system can actually be a very simple setup of controls. It can also become very advanced and sophisticated, depending on your needs. Cost will depend on the necessary equipment and installation time.

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